It doesn't get any easier than this:

  • Call us to schedule a time for a walk through of your property, we need to see exactly what is going on
  • We will give you an honest, straightforward assessment, which we provide at no cost to you
  • If we think we can fix your problem, we will give you an estimate
  • If you accept the estimate, we can set traps at the first visit
  • We will come back in a day or two to pull the traps and access the situation
  • Depending on what we see on our second visit, we may need to set additional traps which will require another followup visit which is included in our 60 day gopher service plan if you opt for that.

Things you can do to help our visit go smoothly

  • Make sure your pets are secured in the house, especially if you won't be home during any of our scheduled visits
  • Provide us with any gate or access codes to allow us to get to the area we are working in
  • Please do not smooth any gopher mounds or stick water hoses down the gopher tunnels as this makes it more difficult to accurately assess your issue
  • Traps are usually set near the most recent gopher activity on your property, again the less you disturb the dirt mounds and any exposed tunnels, the better