Don't let gophers get the best of you or your landscaping!

You walk out in the morning and there they are - the fresh mounds of dirt - desecrating your yard, property and sports fields...

You hope that maybe they will just go away, but they don't.  Then you search the internet for ways to drive them out, flooding the tunnels, poisoning them and that doesn't work.  You still want to believe they will move on, but the truth is that an infestation of these furry critters can cause more than just annoying mounds of dirt in your yard.

5 Reasons Why you Need to Address This Issue Head On:

  • Gopher holes create safety hazards for ankle or leg injuries – for humans and animals!
  • They create massive tunnel systems that can undermine plants, small shrubs and other large vegetation.
  • They live on a diet of roots, leaves/stems, grass, and many other plant varieties. They can destroy a whole garden in a matter of weeks!
  • Predators  - and possibly even your own dogs - in search of a meal may cause further damage to your yard trying to pursue the gophers.
  • If you do nothing, it may get to the point where you would have to completely redo your landscaping costing you thousands of dollars.

5 Reasons You Should Call the "Gopher Enforcer":

  • We catch and remove the gophers - the most proven method to get rid of them
  • We don't use pesticides or poison, chemicals that endanger other wildlife and put your pets at risk
  • We understand gopher habits and how they move and construct their tunnel systems
  • We offer free estimates
  • We have different options to produce results for your property, from initial service visit to follow up visits and monthly service is available
  • Each property has it's own unique aspects and we can advise you on how to manage your gopher issues for the best possible outcome based on your landscaping


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